Who Are We

Established in 2004, Musuyanama is a non-profit women's organization that aims to establish healthy networks between its members and the greater Newark community. Deriving from the West African language, Diuola (Dy-u-la), Musuyanama, meaning "Beautiful Woman" is a plateau that aspires to unite women of all races, backgrounds, and professions and provide for them a platform to be heard. Its founders, Rafiah Muhammad and Vonetta Reeves, launched Musuyanama with the purpose of bringing women into full participation in society - Sharing success, advice, and offering services to other women around the community.

Short Term Goals

  • Youth support program for teen boys 12-18 years old
  • Open a women's re-entry home
  • Support group for single parents 

Long Term Goals

Open up a women's center which will offer services for/to women such as , counseling, education, workshops, childcare, physical fitness, financial resource, legal services, sheltering and food services.